About Us


Mobarrez carpet store management from Mehran Mobarrez has started his career in 1359.The store specialized in selling various types of Russian Old Persian carpets, new carpet, fabric, carpets, rugs, Jajim, saddlebag, box, and nomadic types, and is able to deal with the the needs of modern society and modern-minded and diverse product offerings in this area increasing and dramatic success, including exports to most foreign countries, particularly Turkey, Azerbaijan, Finland, Italy, Japan, and the UAE achieve.

The main goal of the store is simply beautiful and has so far been of interest to owners of their products to attract talent and ideas. This store has always made efforts to benefit from working professionals, artists, designers and owe their outstanding efforts as these ones.

The best and most well known shop supplier of carpets, distinguished Iranian carpets of pure wool, pure silk and merino wool,which is based on international standards and latest technologies in the world are produced by the weave is. Mobarrez of carpet products in different kinds of fabric, sizes, designs, colors, comfort and beauty to your home and office supplies.



کوره صنعتيفروشگاه موبايل اردبيل